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• Multi-story murals
• Block-long mural

1 hour

These colorful, free outdoor art museums are scattered throughout San Francisco but are concentrated in the Mission district. This easy walk takes in many of the most prominent, which can be enormous and quite spectacular in person.

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More Murals
Precita Eyes Mural Arts
This center provides a map of Mission murals and tours.
2981 24th Street near Harrison

City Guides
This organization offers two informative guided tours.
(415) 557-4266

Balmy Alley Murals
This block-long alley between 24th Street and 25th Street above Folsom is lined with numerous murals.

Updated 10/20/03


Women's Building mural
Start at the Women's Building, 3543 18th Street between Valencia and Guerrero.
The entire facade and side of this multi-story building is covered with a mural titled "Maestrapeace" painted by a group of 7 women artists in 1982.
• Facing the building, turn to your right and walk 1/2 block to Guerrero.
• Right on Guerrero Street.
• Walk 1/2 block and turn right on Sycamore Street.

Sycamore Street murals
There are 4 small murals along this street.
At the corner of Valencia and Sycamore, notice the Sushi Cafe mural (2140 Valencia).
• Right on Valencia.
• Go 1/2 block and turn left on 18th Street.
• Right on Harrison Street where 18th ends.

This mural wall stretches the entire block between 18th and 19th. Painted in 1994 by Joshua Serantitis and Emmanual Montoya with contributing artist Carlos Loarca.
• Continue on Harrison and turn right on 20th Street.

20th and Folsom murals
• Proceed to the corner of Folsom, where there are a couple of murals.
"New Visions" covers the side of the building overlooking the parking lot on your left and was designed and painted in 1986 by developmentally disabled clients under the supervision of Susan Greene.
El Faro Restaurant is decorated with murals painted in 1987 and 1988 by Michael Rios.
• Continue on 20th and turn left on Capp Street.

Bethany Center mural

The facade of the Center on Capp Street is decorated with murals.
• Turn right on 21st and you'll see the tallest mural in the city, "Salud!" on the side of Bethany Center, painted by Dan Fontes.

Assorted murals
• Continue 1/2 block to the corner of 21st and Mission, where you'll see 2 small murals.
• Continue 1/2 block on 21st; "Dream" is painted on a building at the corner of 21st and Bartlett.
• Continue 1/2 block on 21st and turn right on Valencia Street.
• Walk 1-1/2 blocks and notice the mural at the corner of Valencia and Cunningham.
• Continue on Valencia 1/2 block and turn left on 19th Street.
• Walk 1/2 block down 19th Street.

Mission Playground murals
On your left, the pool building is decorated with "The New World Tree" mural, painted in 1987 by Juana Alicia, Susan Cervantes and Raul Martinez. These three artists were joined by Emmanual Montoya and others to create another mural in the playground in 1985, "Balance of Power." Finally, there is a set of 12 panels painted in 1990 by Susan Cervantes, Kim Anno and youths titled "Stop Pollution and Make Solutions."
You are a little over 1 block away from where you started the walk near 18th and Valencia.

---optional side trip: If you have time, you may be interested in the jungle mural that decorates the facade of a Victorian about 7 blocks away. To get there from Mission Playground:
• Continue 1/2 block on 19th to Guerrero Street.
• Left on Guerrero Street.
• Right on 22nd Street.
• Left on Church Street --- look for 1079 Church Street on your left between 22nd and 23rd.