Land's End
Ruins of the Sutro Baths
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• Interesting ruins
• Views of ocean, headlands
• Views of Golden Gate Bridge
• Secluded beaches

Relatively easy
2-3 hours

The ruins of the once popular swimming facility are fun to explore for kids and adults alike. From here you can take a long walk along the cliffside trail through cypress forests that will make you feel far away from the urban landscape.

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Updated 11/7/01


Start at the Cliff House near the end of Geary Boulevard. To get there by bus, catch the #38-Geary from downtown and take it to the end of the line, then walk 3 blocks west to the ocean.

Ruins of the Sutro Baths
A dirt parking lot near the Cliff House overlooks the ruins and a path descends down to sea level. Once a popular destination for San Franciscans at the end of the 19th century, little remains from this immense swimming and bathing facility. The foundation of the large pool and several side pools are still there, along with some concrete structures that may have been changing rooms. Tunnels burrow into the hills and stairs ascend to a large round observation platform built into the cliff. Waves crash dramatically along the rocky edge of the structure in this particularly scenic setting. The ruins are free to explore and open to the public. Great place for kids but be cautious around the surf and pools.

Land's End Trail
At the far end of the dirt parking lot starts this comfortably wide hiking trail. The trail winds through cypress forests and along the cliffs for approximately 2 miles, offering superb views of the wild Marin headlands, Golden Gate Bridge, and rocky shoreline. For the more adventurous, some smaller unofficial trails hug the cliff more closely, but require extra caution and a steady foot.

----optional side trip: wooden steps lead down to a secluded beach with a creek, cypress forest, and rocky outcroppings. You may encounter some unsactioned nude sunbathing here. Small paths riddle the knolls and vales around the beach.

You'll see signs warning about the hazardous rocks and surf, which you should take seriously. Periodically someone falls from the cliff or is swept away and killed after being caught unaware by a wave.

At the trail's end, you can either backtrack to the starting point, or catch a bus.

You emerge from the trail at El Camino del Mar and 32nd Avenue.
Right on 32nd Avenue and walk about 2 blocks.
Catch the #1-California bus at the corner of 32nd Avenue and California Street to downtown


Walk another 2 blocks and catch the #38-Geary at the corner of 32nd Avenue and Geary Blvd.
The #38-Geary going right will take you back to the Cliff House (stopping 3 blocks away).
The #38-Geary going left will take you downtown.